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Ocean Bliss Beach Towel, Joyous Life Journals

Ocean Bliss Beach Towel, Joyous Life Journals

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Enhance your beach days with the luxurious Ocean Bliss Beach Towel from Joyous Life Journals. Featuring our stunning beach scene design, this 36" x 72" towel adds a splash of sunshine to your seaside adventures. Crafted with a heavyweight, lush feel, it combines a vivid polyester facing with a durable cotton loop backing, ensuring both comfort and longevity.


Experience the vivid detail of the beach scene print on the front while enjoying the soft, durable backing made for everyday use. Please note that due to the towel's thickness, the print colors may not soak all the way through, resulting in a charming white backing when the fibers are stroked.


Material: 52% polyester and 48% cotton

Size: 36" × 72" 

Design: Joyous Life Journals beach scene

Features: White cotton loop backing, one-sided print

Turn your beach visits into a blissful experience with the Ocean Bliss Beach Towel. Its luxurious softness and stunning design make it the perfect accessory for soaking up the sun in style.

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